Canning proves kids need discipline, not coddling

A New Jersey family court judge ruled Wednesday that Rachel Canning’s parents do not have to pay her high school tuition and weekly allowance, or even provide her with clothing, transportation or other living costs after she sued them to cover such fees. The 18 year-old said she was kicked out of her parents’ home in October while her parents say she left voluntarily because she did not want to follow their rules regarding chores and curfews.

Rachel is an honor student and athlete who is upset her parents will not pay for her private school education. An April court hearing is set to determine whether her parents will be legally forced to pay for her college education.

Rachel said in court documents, “My parents simply will not help me any longer. They want nothing to do with me and refuse to even help me financially outside the home although they certainly have the ability to do so. … I am unable to support myself and provide for my food, shelter, clothing, transportation and education.”

The Daily Record also reported that Rachel had been living with her best friend’s family. John Inglesino, the friend’s father and a lawyer, is reportedly funding Rachel Canning’s lawsuit but is not representing her.

He has reportedly said he wants her parents to foot the bill for legal fees as well, which now total $13,000.

Thankfully – and surprisingly, in modern day America – a judge denied Rachel’s initial requests. He delayed ruling on whether the Canning parents have to pay the college tuition and asked lawyers to consider whether it’s wise to “establish precedent where parents live in fear of establishing rules of the house?” It should be added that the Canning parents have asked their daughter to return to their home on numerous occasions, but she has refused, claiming it is an abusive atmosphere.

Regardless of what truly took place between Rachel and her parents, she is a legal adult. She is capable of getting a job (which she does not have) and high school education is freely available to her, even if she has to forego a cushy private school education. She is also able to apply for grants, loans and scholarships when the time comes for her to head to college.

Not every youth today is a brat that believes he or she is entitled to anything they want, but the story should be a warning to society and parents of the types of children many people are raising. With each passing generation, many children become more codependent and lazy and feel they are entitled to the best life possible while putting forth the least effort. Darling Rachel is a perfect example of that type of child.

Children need discipline and responsibility and, yes, many times children need a swift swat to their rear end. What they do not need, unlike what Rachel believes, is everything handed to them on a silver platter.

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