It’s not about income inequality, it’s about effort inequality

The Way I See It


A few weeks ago, Mr. Obama proclaimed that he would spend much of the remainder of his time in office trying to resolve the injustice of income inequality. Some have, some do not and he and his liberal followers believe that is wrong.

I don’t believe that there is income inequality. I believe there is a great divide between those who do not produce and those who do produce. The “haves” and the “have-nots” are divided by an ever-widening chasm, but the reason is very simple. Those who produce continue to do so, and those who do not are left farther and farther behind. It’s not about income inequality – it’s about effort inequality.

The group who are the producers are generally the people who go through life, obeying the laws, supporting their families, and being civically responsible while the non-producers disregard civic and family responsibilities and look to others to provide for them. Now you fully realize I am not speaking about those who cannot fend for themselves, who, because of age, disability, or illness cannot provide food, clothing, or shelter to maintain themselves. I am speaking of men and women who falsely claim disability, relying on the government to pay for their rent, food, clothing, medical care and whatever else they can obtain without having to put forth any effort even though they are fully capable of providing for themselves. Some are in the prisons of our nation and some live next door to us. Some will point a gun in your face and take your valuables while others will produce children that the taxpayers will have to support. Some are here in this country illegally while others are citizens of this nation. Whether the individual holds the gun to our heads or the IRS holds a gun to us, the results are the same. The producers are forced to provide for the non-producers.

If you want to get someone’s attention, label it “free”. If you put your car on display “for sale”, it could take weeks, months, or years to sell it. However, if you displayed it “free”, you would be trampled by the mobs. If you want to get elected, don’t tell the voters that you will seek to change the political picture, balance the budget, allow free enterprise to provide jobs, and lower taxes and reduce useless government regulations. Give them free stuff, like phones, housing, food, medical care, transportation, and tell them they won’t have to work for it. Continue to extend unemployment benefits as if nearly two years is not enough time to find a job. Lower the standards of education so that anyone can pass the requirements, but don’t tell them that they won’t be prepared for the working world. Don’t tell them that they won’t have the skills to get above the fast-food service level. Provide them with condoms and tell them anything goes, but don’t let God into the classroom.  Teach them that the producers, the ones providing the jobs and the opportunities, are the bad guys. They are the greedy and uncaring people who only seek to widen the income gap. Teach them that the government can take better care of them than they could for themselves. Tell them to ignore the fact that a $13 trillion debt is unimportant.

Buy their votes with lies, empty promises, and false hopes. You will get elected and they will serve the master. Oh, wait a minute, isn’t that what the Civil War was all about?

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