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Dear Editor,

Back on Feb 16 you published an “Letter to the Editor” that resorted to the tired old liberal argument that anyone who disagrees with Obama or his policies is racist.

It is sad that people like that writer cannot make a reasoned, logical, intelligent argument and are forced to fall back on playing a phony race card. These people somehow cannot comprehend that many Americans might actually have serious philosophical issues with the left-wing policies of this administration.

Even worse is that author’s incomprehensible rant against serious Christians, as if Christians are supposed to be obedient little sheep who remain quiet and do nothing to try and prevent tyranny from overwhelming our nation. What nonsense! I pity him. His moral indignation is badly misplaced.

Christians should have and do have a voice, and are commanded to use that voice.

I do not suggest that I am talking for others here, only myself. I have no issue with honorable, truthful, people holding the highest office in the land regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender. I would gladly vote for Allen West, Tim Scott, Hermann Cain, or a number of other black conservatives for president. There are intelligent, conservative women I would support as well, although Hillary Clinton is sure not one of them!

The list is long and I resent some fool calling me a racist because I oppose Obama’s policies; and I do oppose them. I have a big issue with dishonorable liars holding any public office. That includes Obama as well as Mary Landrieu and many others of any political party or ideology.

We have a published national debt today of over $17 trillion that is still growing at a frightening pace and its caused by out-of-control federal spending, not reduced revenues. There are trillions more in unfunded liabilities coming due in the form of entitlements. The reality is that our children and grandchilden are destined to inherit the irresponsible mess being created today. This debt alone can destroy them and this nation.

Yet any attempts to slow the spending is denounced by this administration and the charlatans in Congress who support them. Obama voiced great concern over this debt as a senator back in 2006 opposing a debt limit increase then yet refuses to discuss or negotiate any spending restraints today. Harry Reid did the same. Perhaps supporters could explain their blatant hypocrisy? It isn’t my only example either.

I only mention this one issue due to space, but there is so much to criticize on almost every issue that it’s hard to pick a place to begin.

I could write a book on the IRS scandal, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the administration’s press intimidation of the AP and James Rosen, about Obama’s energy policy, his cronyism, his economic policies, jobs, the list is almost endless.

How about the picking and choosing of what laws he supports/enforces and which ones he ignores; blatantly unconstitutional abuses of power and violations of his oath of office.

The simple but dreadful evidence says that Obama does not really care about the economy, does not care about jobs, does not care about our healthcare, does not care about our energy costs, and likely doesn’t care much about “climate change” either. The overriding thing he does seem to care about is making as many people as he can dependent on the government, because that dependence weakens the nation internally and leads to more political power and control over the people. His foreign policy is equally horrid, but is intentionally weakening American power and influence throughout the world. I’m not making this up. He told us he intended to do that and he is.

If you look at some of his early speeches and his history, he told us what he believes long ago. He said just before the 2008 election on national TV that he and his wife hated this nation. He told us this and many ignored him then, but people buy the phony populist rhetoric now?  It is all a matter of the public record, but still many do not want to believe any of it and still defend him. He proves daily that “You can fool some of the people all of the time”.

This is all part of Obama’s promised “fundamental transformation” of America and, yes, as a Christian, I do NOT support it. I pray for our “leaders”, but I reserve the right to oppose them when they are wrong; either morally or ethically wrong. The “transformation” of the greatest nation in world history should be opposed by everyone!

Buying votes with taxpayer money has become a tradition with too many politicians. The Democrats in general have perfected this technique.

Buying votes did not start with this administration. It has only grown much worse over the past six years just as voter fraud is a growing concern.

My criticism of this administration isn’t racist at all. It is simply opening one’s eyes and ears, seeing what is happening, what has been said, what administration policies are doing to our nation, and calling the situation as I see it. His policies are indefensible.

Obama says what people want to hear while implementing opposing policies that damage the nation and the people. He is supported by other equally poor politicians. Yet he remains pretty popular. Go figure!

Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, Landrieu and many others are equally guilty. Note they span race and gender bounds.

In fairness, Obama’s left-wing anti-American, unconstitutional philosophy is not all his fault. He was raised in a radical left-wing environment. His revered father hated this nation while advocating socialism/communism; his white mother and grandparents were equally radical. Obama is a product of his upbringing.

In my opinion, Obama is the most un-American, dishonorable president in American history and we may never recover from him. It is a national tragedy that we elected a snake-oil salesman instead of an honorable, decent man as the first black president.

Wayne Peterkin


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