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Dear Editor

The number one priority of the federal government is national security. As a representative of the people, that must be your number one priority as well.

With China developing missiles that can destroy our largest ships, Iran developing nuclear weapons, N. Korea working to threaten our mainland with nuclear missiles, Russia led by a former KGB chief working to rebuild the strength and size of the former USSR, nuclear arms in Pakistan that can fall under the control of terror organizations, WMDs almost everywhere, and the increase in terrorism throughout the Middle East and Africa, the world is increasingly dangerous, not less so.

Therefore, when decisions must be made on prioritizing federal spending, national defense MUST be the top priority. Welfare, farm subsidies, food stamps, healthcare “reform”, national parks, even federal subsidies for education (which should be a state/local concern), “infrastructure”, coastal restoration in Louisiana, and even tunnels for turtles in Florida must be lower overall priorities to national defense. “Entitlements need reformed.

In addition, one of the greatest threats to this nation is an out-of-control federal budget and mushrooming debt that generations to come can not repay, all caused by politicians buying votes yesterday and today with taxpayer money. Therefore, total federal spending is finite. We cannot afford everything at once.

The current administration said over the years that they do not believe that America should retain our “superpower” status in the world. That we should be weakened and become nothing more that just another world citizen no more influential or important than any other nation. This is not some imagined accusation; it is based on Obama’s own past words. They (the administration in general) are not only horribly wrong and advocating the sacrifice of our security in the process of achieving their goal, they are violating their very oath of office.

Why do you think we see China’s increasing belligerence in the South China Sea? Could it be China’s confidence that they can offset our power in the region or that they see this administration as too weak to oppose them? Yes! And we are less secure as a result.

It is past time to reorder our priorities.

I am NOT saying that the entire federal budget must be spent on defense. I am not saying there are not other important programs that must be considered. I am saying there are no priorities more important than defense and all are less important.

I am saying that the “sequestration” that cut national defense was a terrible concession leading to weakness and risk to the American people. It was very nearly a traitorous compromise that is being used today as the excuse for some serious, deep, and seemingly ill-conceived defense cuts.

We can all support intelligent, careful redirection of defense priorities. For example, some expensive new weapon system may be an unnecessary expense that can be cut or forces may be able to be consolidated and bases closed to save money. Perhaps there are even too many unnecessary bureaucrats assigned to the Pentagon, I can’t really say. That’s someone else’s job. We the people expect efficiency and common sense to prevail when spending public money. But we have no faith in the current Defense Secretary to do the right or sensible thing.

This letter is only to stress that national defense is the number one priority of the federal government and we consider it your responsibility to insure that we as a nation be as secure as our military and technology can make us. That we maintain our nuclear deterrent and develop whatever defense technologies, such as missile defense for our mainland and our military assets all over the world intended to maintain a defense superiority that makes us a formidable and superior opponent to any potential aggressor from anywhere in the world. Regardless of the cost! While drones are lovely, drones alone do not make us safe as a nation although this administration appears to think otherwise.

Maintaining a superior National Defense can never be a negotiable budget item!

Wayne Peterkin


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