The Eighth Tipping Point

Dear Editor,

A book entitled “The Miracle of Freedom” “7 Tipping Points that Saved the World”, written by Chris Stewart and Ted Stewart, bring out the near episodes, in world history, that could have ended our continued search and never ending fight for freedom. The seven episodes described, enabled freedom to continue, and are described as “Miracles”. The last of these described “Miracles” was the defeat of the German air force by American and RAF pilots during WW2 with Hitler’s forces having some 100/1 advantage in training, technology, manpower, and Aircraft. Only the determination of the people insisting on “Freedom at all costs” was able to attain the improbable victory!

What I write today may be considered an addition to the 7 turning points, and will probably stir up some heated argument, or welcomed discussion, on a topic considered absolutely taboo by all the freedom our country stands for. A discussion against the freedom of religion! “ Argument” is when one party pays no attention to statistics or other facts and follows their own thoughts, never allowing new thoughts to enter their mind; “discussion” is when we respect the views of others and are at least willing to learn and make changes in our own thought process. I like discussion at !

One day the World will have to make a judgment on the religion of Islam! The very existence of our country and our stand on Freedom has to do with freedom of religion; so how could we, or the world, ever bring up a critical analysis of the most populous religion in the world today. Certainly our politically correct group in Washington, and their spineless main stream media would never mention the international havoc presently being endured because of one religion, Islam, and it’s radical components! Many religions have done many terrible things, and there is no point in describing or defending their doctrines here. What we do have without question is a religion which had its beginning as a warring group with captured citizens given the choice of joining the religion, slavery, becoming a second class citizen to the religious, or decapitation! They did go to the trouble of incorporating other prophets into their “Holy Book” to make it acceptable, but made sure that their prophet was the last prophet to have personal contact with the Supreme Being, therefore orders given to all others could be brought into question! Once the rights of inheritance from the founder became an issue, discord began. All failures of the religion over the years are blamed by the radicals on a departure from the true principles of the religion. Some of these beliefs are beyond belief; such as mutilating female genitals, sewing the infant vagina until the child is given in marriage! O.K. enough of that description, you get the message! But, we the world can no longer put up with their arguments among their followers. If the Muslims who are supposed to be educated and peaceful have absolutely no control over the insane portion of their religion who are hell bent on destroying western civilization and the freedom we have managed to achieve; then the world must become involved. If the world doesn’t become involved Islam will succeed in their eventual quest to destroy Western civilization. Correspondence between Bin Laden, and now in command, ayman al-zawahari have stated “ It could be accomplished ever so slowly, but surely, by bankrupting the countries having to protect against Terrorism; our little $200 bombs can cost billions of dollars to protect against!”

J.B.Hargroder MD


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