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I walked in to the Iota Branch of the Acadia Parish Library recently and told the librarian, “I’d like a library card, please.”

“Sure, I just need a picture ID and two forms of proof of residency,” she replied.

Library card applications have apparently come a long way since I was 10 and asking for a card in Jennings. At the time, my mom had to sign a permission form and I needed to supply my physical address. With those two things alone, my card was in hand.

Of course, my childhood and adulthood were separated by this little thing called 9/11 when I was 17. Now, the FBI can access your library reading list in the name of domestic security. Long story short, after presenting the Iota librarian with my driver’s license and checkbook, I am officially an Acadia Parish Library cardholder.

That was only a month ago. So imagine how much I laughed when I read an NBC News story highlighting former President Bill Clinton’s concerns regarding civil and voting rights.

This has been under discussion for about two years, but I am sure we are all aware states are trying to crack down on voter fraud. Some of those no-brainer requirements include presenting a government-issued photo ID before casting a ballot. Especially since America is always preaching about the war on terrorism yet turning a blind eye to those who illegally cross the Mexican-U.S. border, you have to wonder who all wrongfully has the right to vote.

Opponents – bleeding hearts with a blurry view of reality and liberals chasing the favor of “minorities” – said such laws are meant to make voting more difficult for minority voters who have never needed an ID.

Clinton – who is suddenly everywhere, presumably clearing a way for his wife to make yet another bid for the White House in 2016 – believes such voter laws are reversing the progress made by civil and voting rights legislation passed almost 50 years ago. He referenced the Supreme Court’s 2013 decision said the Voting Rights Act’s requirement that mainly Southern states must undergo special scrutiny before changing their voting laws is based on a 40-year-old formula that is no longer relevant to changing racial circumstances.

I will not deny discrimination exists today. People are discriminated against for their religion; race; ethnicity; sexual orientation; social status; educational background and more. Human beings are jerks and all of us will likely face discrimination at some point until the end of the world.

However, the fact that Clinton and many Democrats have spent so much time whining about states’ attempts to ensure voter fraud is prevented makes me wonder if a more lax system benefits Dems over their Republican counterparts.

(Please note that I am an Independent. I have views that line up with one party or the other or none at all.)

But if no one is saying local, state or federal governments are discriminating against minorities by requiring them to present an ID or proof of residency when they apply for something as simple as a library card, how is asking for a government-issued ID for something as important as voting a matter of discrimination?

Honestly, I am not looking for an answer to that question. There is no sensible answer, because I truly believe it is a case of liberals needing to pacify minorities and/or illegal residents in an effort to acquire votes. (On the flip side, to pacify liberals reading this, the Republicans pander to the rich, businesses and religious.)

If someone is able to vote on taxes, government seats, constitutional amendments and other important matters without a government-issued ID, I should be able to take a copy of Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham” without the same.

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