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Dear Editor,

The senators and representatives that are in Washington, D.C. need to get it straight.

I get letters and calls constantly asking me to donate money to their cause. Aren’t they supposed to be in Washington to represent us, not to con us?

Fuel prices are on the rise as are meat prices and other necessary living expenses leaving little or no extra money for anything extra these days.

These characters should be aware of this and realize that the common working person is at the helm of a spending spree that Washington does not adhere to.

Donations to charity are to the working person inescapable and are not predictable in their cause or timing.

Politics these days seems to be about name-calling, measuring votes to see who has the numbers and each trying to down play or sling mud at the other.

Not one that benefits all of us and seeks to bind us together in our own survival seems to be manifest in DC.

The average working family does not need politicians harassing them for donations to assist them on what to vote for or how to represent us.

The name calling between politicians needs to subside and be replaced with firm plans by each on how they fill attempt to fix the issues at hand. If they I think they need to be replaced.

Politics has disintegrated to a really low level when name calling and racial bias which leans one way or the other are all that matters leaving the needs of the country hanging with no solutions presented. This also leaves in doubt who you can and can’t believe. It seems like there are many that now days are just simply telling what we would have called out and out lies even in spite of clear evidence. Is this an age of the revival of the “snake oil” salesmen?

It seems to me the majority of the politicians including the President and Attorney General have stooped to an all time low.

Maybe we should just have a quiet time, spend time coloring, and read a book.

Dick Waltrip


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