Time to say goodbye to your hard-earned money

The Way I See It


Spring has sprung, flowers are blooming, tomato plants are finally in the ground and the great annual money grab is just days away. April 15 looms large, and if Washington hasn’t fleeced you yet, you have just 12 days to say your goodbyes to your hard-earned cash. Don’t fret though, you have the campaign promises of every politician there that your money will be well spent and the government will take care of you and your family.

For example, I think that Mr. Obama is in the process of giving the Ukraine a billion dollars to buy natural gas from Russia, it’s biggest supplier who has recently upped the price of natural gas to Ukraine. Yet, here in this country, we have the largest reserves of natural gas in the world and much of it remains in the ground because companies can’t get a decent enough price for it to justify producing it. This didn’t just become a problem; natural gas has been flared by the trillions of cubic feet since the first discovery of oil because there was supposedly no market for it. Meanwhile, when Jimmy Carter was in office, he forced many plants around the country to convert to coal power, while the cleaner burning, more efficient natural gas remained in the ground.

“King” Obama is certainly spending your tax dollars well with the addition of thousands of IRS agents who will hold a gun to your head to make sure that you have signed up for the new healthcare program. Meanwhile, Congress is still trying to pass a budget, something that we haven’t had for six years. While Obama wipes his feet on our Constitution, no one in Congress or the Judicial Branch has the fortitude to bring charges against the White House for numerous violations of the law and the public trust.

As you sign your 1040 form and your accompanying check, feel free to smile and tell yourself that all is well. Then proceed to the voting booth and keep electing the same people who promise to care for you from cradle to grave. When you are done, go out to the barn and hold one hand under Bossie’s tail and the other out by your side waiting for those promises. See which one fills up first.

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