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Dear Editor,

Jeb Bush feels that the motivation for illegal immigrants to break our law and come here is love for their family and trying to help that family have a better life. That’s how I interpret his remarks.

If my interpretation is correct, he’s generally right. I won’t argue with him on that.


The problem is that Bush is talking about the motivation for breaking the law, and the motivation does not matter.

That’s like condoning the robbing of a bank because the thief needs gas for his car to get to work. We cannot condone the crime no matter the motivation.

The issue is NOT the illegals’ motivations. The issue is their ILLEGAL ACTIONS and the detrimental effect it is having on our nation.

We have an estimated 12 million people in this country illegally and most of them are relatively uneducated and low income. They comprise a major burden on our social programs today and would be an even bigger burden if legalized; much bigger! The fact that they may have good intentions is irrelevant.

The other fact that some politicians may get some votes from them were they legalized is even more irrelevant.

I cannot fathom why we offer every possible incentive for people to break our laws and then seem to wonder why they do so! Maybe I’m missing something, but it makes no sense to me. We have been inviting people to break our immigration laws for many years, and it needs to stop. Now.

Furthermore, we cannot possibly adopt all of the world’s poor so compassion cannot be an excuse for our government doing stupid things. Yet Jeb Bush favors being stupid by apparently letting his compassion override common sense. I’m not sure what John Boehner favors, but I fear it may be equally dumb.

I want the illegal immigration solved once and for all time. And I think it would be relatively easy in concept to solve.

I advocate eliminating every single benefit for being in this country illegally. No job and no possibility of a job, no welfare, no food stamps, no “free” healthcare, no “free” education for kids, no drivers licenses, no automatic citizenship for kids born of two illegal parents, no benefits of any kind.

Eliminate the incentives and we eliminate the problem.

If the future for an illegal immigrant were more bleak here than where they came from, they would stop coming and most of those here already would voluntarily go home. In addition, this proposal relieves the American taxpayer of every burden associated with illegal immigration.

This is not intended to be cruel. It is intended to permanently fix the illegal immigration problem. The keyword is “Illegal”. I’m not interested in playing political games or buying votes. We have a serious problem that needs fixed and this is the only way I know to really fix it.

I’m waiting to hear a better alternative.

The politicians usually play this very rotten game for votes, not from any real sense of right or wrong. They are pandering for the Hispanic vote. They damage the nation in the process and encourage disrespect for our laws. For too many of our politicians it appears the downside for the nation is outweighed by the upside in potential benefit for the politician! I’m not sympathetic to that.

Never reward lawbreaking. It only encourages more lawbreaking.

Any form of amnesty or legalization of those here illegally will mean that this will be an ongoing problem forever. A deal was supposedly made to solve this problem back in 1986, some politicians reneged on the deal, so we are still fighting the same battles only even worse today. Einstein’s definition of insanity being proposed once more! It will never end until we wise up and do something different to really solve the problem once and for all.

Stop providing incentives to people for breaking our laws!

I have no problem with a well regulated guest worker program of some kind but only after the fundamental problem is fixed and fixed permanently.

It does not take any “comprehensive immigration reform” either. A few simple, targeted bills that everyone can clearly understand is what’s needed, not a 2,000 page legislative behemoth that is incomprehensible. “Comprehensive” legislation generally stinks as bad as Harry Reid or three week old dead fish.

Many good, well educated people are waiting in line and have been for years to immigrate here legally. I support them. I am NOT against legal immigration. But it is morally and ethically wrong to allow some to cut in line illegally and make those following the rules to wait even longer; especially when the illegal immigrant brings no needed skill that benefits our nation.

Jeb Bush is wrong on immigration, and I would oppose him or any politician with a view based on compassion or pure politics rather than common sense.

Please put the welfare of the nation first. Stand against amnesty of any kind and do what’s right for the nation. Please.

Wayne Peterkin


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