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Dear Editor,

Although civil wars such as what is happening in Syria would not be affected, peace between Israel and the Arab countries is really very simple in concept.

All Israel has ever asked for is to be accepted as a Jewish State by their neighbors and to live in peace. That’s all. They have offered the Palestinians their own state, have offered to split Jerusalem, have offered everything that the Palestinians asked for and demanded only one thing in return. Peaceful Acceptance.

But the Palestinians and the Arab states have refused. They refuse to accept Israel at all. They want Israel to concede everything the Arabs demand and still accept a state of constant war and threat to Israel’s existence. Israel is expected to accept suicide bombers, rocket attacks, a steady stream of terrorism and we seem to think that’s reasonable?

The fault for any breakdown in peace talks resides with the Palestinians; and it will continue to be. The Palestinians want far more than a two state solution. They want Israel destroyed and a single Palestinian state to replace it. As long as that remains their goal, we are never likely to see peace and it’s the Palestinians fault.

Why can’t our own government see and say that? Why do they constantly infer the barrier to peace is Israel? Are we afraid of upsetting some Muslims?

I don’t care what word (apartheid) that John Kerry chose. It’s his entire inference that’s wrong and we can only presume that his view is shared by the administration. It’s wrong. Israel agreed to a two-state solution long ago but it hasn’t been enough to satisfy their opposition.

Wayne Peterkin


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