Gas Tax Proposal Ludicrous

Dear Editor,

If I understand this, we are paying far more than we should today for gasoline and diesel fuel (not to mention jet fuel, home heating oil, etc.) because our government’s policies have FAILED to make us energy independent so that we can control our own prices. Let me be very clear. We are at the mercy of OPEC and world oil pricing today because of our own government’s lack of wisdom over the past 40 years as they put special interests ahead of the public resulting in our failure to become energy independent when we have the resources to do so. We can’t even get a sensible pipeline built and prefer to see oil from Canada sold to China! 

So with gasoline running roughly $3.50 per gal. nationally, now some morons in the Senate want to stick us with an additional 12 cents per gallon tax? 

Anyone, repeat, anyone, who votes for such a tax increase before we have an intelligent energy policy that benefits our economy and every consumer should not only be voted out of office, they should be tarred and feathered first. 

This proposal does not even deserve discussion. And I do understand the quality of our roads and bridges for which we already pay substantial taxes for maintenance of same. 

Wayne Peterkin


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