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Let’s cut to the chase on this fine Sunday: the use of tannerite needs to be banned or face serious restrictions.

Yes, I know this column is going to make several people unhappy. You know what makes me unhappy? When my house shakes with every tannerite explosion.

Especially in rural areas, tannerite is driving many of us crazy. If you are not familiar, tannerite is a legal explosive used for target practice (because apparently some people are such lousy shots that they need something large and explosive to target). In rural areas – which used to be peaceful before tannerite became so popular – the problem is out of hand

…Yes, it is legal. Yes, Bubba, I know the “second ‘mendment in ‘Murica,” the only amendment you are familiar with, allows you the right to bear arms and shoot things so you can feel tough. Yes, I know there is no noise ordinance in the country. And, yes, I know you have absolutely no consideration for those around you, including but not limited to: the desperate parent who finally got that fussy baby to sleep for a bit; the elderly widow with the bad heart who lives alone; the war veteran who struggles with flashbacks; and, of course, people who don’t want their homes and windows to shake because, you know, it is their property.

…Sorry. I was chasing a rabbit.

I can see the fun behind tannerite. I support law-abiding citizens owning legal guns. People can shoot guns all day in the country; I would probably join in. Those are rights we all have and I appreciate those rights.

However, a line should be drawn when what some do on their property causes problems for other properties. Legally, I cannot treat them how I feel is acceptable, which I will not print here, lest it later be called premeditated. Why do tannerite users, who choose to use the item in residential areas instead of remote locations, get to treat me and my property however they feel is acceptable?

Can any elected official clearly answer that question? For you see, on a personal note, I pay almost $500 a year in property taxes. I also pay $150 a month for homeowners insurance.

It is very expensive to pay for something others can treat however they wish, thanks to the law.

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