Hopefully, I’ve done more good than harm

The Way I See It


God has a way of getting my attention when He wants to. He puts people around me that have the guts to tell me when I am wrong. It’s not an easy thing for me to accept, but God makes it so obvious, I cannot deny the truth. 

I am stubborn, opinionated and fail to listen to reason on many occasions. I am sort of “it’s my way or the highway” kind of guy and that may serve me well at times, but at other times it is ugly, hurtful and downright selfish. A friend once told me that he couldn’t see how I could publish this column every week, – or at all – because I may sometimes say something that was wrong or something that I regretted. Well, it turns out that he was right. I have made those mistakes. However, I’ve done some good along the way and hopefully the good has outweighed the bad. The good thing about this column is that I do have a correction key and can modify and edit some mistakes before they become public.

That is not true when it comes to my alligator mouth overloading my hummingbird butt, so many times when I do say one of those awful things, usually to those whom I love the most, God is there to make sure I am notified of my misstep. He knocks me in the head, body slams me to the ground and admonishes me with a tongue lashing that is much deserved. Usually I am too angry or embarrassed at the time to admit my wrongdoing. But after reflection, realize I have, again, hurt the ones who love me the most. Then, as now, I have to eat some crow pie and ask forgiveness from those I have offended. The really sad part is that I don’t seem to learn my lesson, and the next time, when in a passionate discussion, I blurt out something dumb again.

Bobbye will tell you that I am very intolerant about how others feel about some subjects. I can’t discuss them here because the newspaper would not publish my thoughts and feelings. They have to be politically correct in publication, where I still have the right and privilege to think and say whatever I want, no matter how dumb it may be. There are subjects that I cannot broach with some of my friends because we adamantly disagree, but they also have their right to believe as they do, and we have to agree to disagree. Therein lies one of my greatest faults, because I love controversy, I get into discussions that should be left alone, and usually end up saying something hurtful.

If any of you find yourselves in my position, I would suggest that you find a way to avoid those situations. They are no-win situations and we only end up the bad guy, silently remorseful, disappointed in our conduct and desperately in need of grace and mercy. We offend God through the person(s) we offend, and words, once said, can never be unsaid. My sincere apologies to any and all whom I have hurt through thoughtless and careless talk, action or inaction. It is the best I can do until I learn to be more tolerant, more considerate and more loving. All things are possible through God. I am blessed to have so many praying for me.

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