Is There No Shame in Washington?

Dear Editor,

Ahh, another major scandal. This is getting tiresome.

IF the VA simply had trouble due to lack of funding or a shortage of healthcare providers, and had lengthy waiting lists for treatment, that could be somewhat excused as long as efforts were being made to fix the problems.

But having SECRET waiting lists to make things look acceptable on the surface, hiding the truth while people were being denied prompt, often life-saving treatments, is criminal. That indicates, in fact proves, an intentional coverup and is inexcusable.

If Secretary Shinseki had any class at all, were he an honorable man, he would have resigned when the scandal first broke. Not because he is personally responsible for the secret lists, but because the buck should stop with him. The administration knew of VA issues when coming into office and it appears that little was done to address those issues.

A complete and thorough investigation, with an Independent Special Prosecutor, is warranted once again followed by criminal prosecution of those involved in creating and maintaining those “secret” lists.

This is the third scandal that warrants an ISP, yet none has been appointed thus far. Benghazi and the IRS abuse of taxpayers also rise to that level.

Is there no shame? Does anyone in Washington care about right and wrong any longer or is everything just politics as usual? What about the “mainstream” media. Will they step up and start holding people accountable for a change? Will they demand a real, very serious, investigation now?

How long will this scandal be stonewalled?

And so many in Washington and in the media wonder why the administration and Congress are held in such low regard?

Wayne Peterkin


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