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I think it’s time we realize there needs to be a team-renaming revolution across the athletic board, on the professional and collegiate levels. Many team names are offensive to scores of individuals and groups and it is time this country becomes the epitome of political correctness. We need to stop offending people, because offending others is offensive.

For example, we need to remove the name “Washington” from anything and everything that it hangs on. George Washington, who started the let’s-name-everything-Washington craze, was at one time a traitor to his ruling country, England. (On a side note, July 4 basically celebrates the day the traitors won. We need to banish said holiday lest anyone come to believe being a traitor is patriotic.) Today, England is America’s best friend. Ole’ George not only betrayed his ruling country, but his future country’s future best friend as well. Not cool.

I mean, what’s next? Are we going to start a basketball team called the Edward Snowden Hackers or the Rosenberg Lightning Bolts?

Consider the problems with the following:

• New England Patriots – It is offensive that only the New England area is where some assume patriots are born and raised. And why is it called “New England”? Our forefathers betrayed England to get away from it. It’s a betrayal to those betrayers to still use the term “New England” in this modern age.

• Notre Dame Fighting Irish – Are people so close-minded to think people of Irish blood or ancestry are angry individuals always looking for a brawl? 

• Ole’ Miss Rebels and the New York Yankees – The Civil War was the bloodiest fight on American soil. Many people who died and fought in that war fought on the belief that this country should be united and all people free, the way the people who betrayed England believed it should be. “Yankees” and “Rebels” go against that belief and are therefore un-American.

• Milwaukee Brewers – What, people from Milwaukee are only capable of brewing beer? 

• Pittsburgh Pirates – Who has proof that the entire city of Pittsburgh is filled with boat-driving thieves? 

• New Orleans Saints – This team’s name is religiously offensive. Who has declared these men saints? Can no one else in another city or on another team be a saint? Most spiritual people do not believe that a living human can achieve sainthood so this term is basically contorting their religious beliefs. 

• New York Giants – People should not be identified by their height, whether it is far below or far above average. There is a term we now have that discusses this issue – body shaming. And body shaming needs to stop.

• Kansas City Royals – Once again, our forefathers left England to escape royal tyranny. The United States of America does not have royalty and therefore, this team’s name is un-American.

• Oakland Raiders – Webster’s defines “raiders” as “a person who attacks an enemy in the enemy’s territory” and “a person who attacks business premises in order to steal.” Apparently this team goes around plundering stadiums it doesn’t like. What are we teaching our children, people?

• LA Dodgers – Does this name imply they are weaklings who dodge everything? 

I’m just sayin’, there are many individuals and groups in this country who can find offense in the above mentioned team names, and even more. We need to do everything possible to offend no one.

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