Reader Discusses Undocumented Children

Dear Editor,

For many years, we have been offering all kinds of inducements for people to flood our border illegally. We have invited them and Obama has simply made it worse with his promises of amnesty. 

What is happening today with the influx of “kids” is just another chapter in this tragedy that we have caused. 

When we do not seriously prevent illegal immigrants from finding work, when we offer them welfare and food stamps, when we offer free medical care at our emergency rooms, when we offer free educations in our schools (not to mention English as a second language in some places!), when we allow American driver’s licenses to be issued making them appear to be legal citizens, when we remove the threat of deportation, and give automatic citizenship to kids born here, why wouldn’t they come? 

If any other nation in the world offered these things they would be flooded with illegal immigrants as well!  

Even if they can’t find work an illegal immigrant is better off here than where they came from!

We offers all kinds of goodies, a clear invitation, and then wonder why they take us up on it? Are we really that stupid? 

Stop the inducements, every one of them, and they’ll stop coming. If an illegal immigrant’s future here is no better and perhaps worse than where they came from they won’t come! It’s really pretty simple.  

Liberals try to sell this idiocy on the basis of compassion. They argue that it’s the humanitarian thing to do helping these people find a better life in the U.S. 

It’s a lie. The real motive is to gain more votes for the left. They know that when you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can depend on Paul’s support, so they also know that if they rob Peter to pay Pedro, Julio, Maria and Roberto they can rely on Pedro, Julio, Maria and Roberto’s votes when they become citizens (maybe even before they become citizens in some places! There is some voter fraud in this country today.).

This should not be about compassion or votes. Our nation is being invaded by people we have invited and the taxpaying public is forced to pay for it all in many ways. It is insanity.

I actually support immigration. Sensible, legal immigration designed to benefit our nation. I do not hate Hispanics or any other ethnic group. But I do NOT support illegal immigration in any way, I do NOT support amnesty for lawbreakers, and I do NOT support inviting people to break our laws or rewarding them for doing so. 

If someone else can make a rational argument to the contrary I want to hear it. Let’s have an intelligent discussion on this issue rather than a bunch of political sound bites. 

Until then, stop inviting people to invade our country and break our laws. 

Wayne Peterkin


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