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Dear Editor,

I have written often about energy prices and a national energy policy, and I do so once again. 

Just this week, I heard on one TV news show some “expert” predicting that we could see $5/gal gasoline this summer depending on what happens in Iraq. He ‘s wrong. He could be right about the price, but Iraq is not the real cause. 

We are seeing high energy prices in America for one reason. Our own government has failed the American people and failed miserably. The prices we see today have nothing to do with OPEC or with world commodity prices that are largely outside our control. 

We are paying high prices because our government has needed to implement a sensible national energy policy that would make this nation energy independent. That policy has been needed for 40 years and we still do not have one. The Department of Energy was created in the late 1970s for the sole purpose of making us energy independent, yet we are essentially no closer today that we were 40 years ago. Another waste of taxpayer money funding a bunch of failed bureaucrats!

Thanks to Obama, today we’re actually further away. 

We have the domestic oil and gas resources we need and we have the technology to produce those resources. Yet instead of producing them, our politicians cater to special interests and refuse to do so. 

Millions and millions of acres of federal lands in the western states have been placed off limits for energy production, some 5 million acres just by Obama thus far and he is considering more. The offshore Atlantic and Pacific continental shelf is mostly off limits to exploration. Large segments of the Gulf of Mexico are off limits, as is the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). All because special interests want it that way. We can’t even build a pipeline to buy oil from our closest ally, Canada, because special interests don’t want it. So Canada is looking to sell their oil to China instead! 

This is a major national security issue as well as a huge economic issue. 

Domestic energy independence would not just create tens of thousands of well paying jobs. It would benefit the entire economy while ensuring that we always have the energy necessary to defend this nation in a crisis. 

Energy is much like taxes. Every dollar spent by a company or a consumer on energy is a dollar less that company has to spend on expansion and payrolls. For the consumer, its a dollar less we have to spend on other goods and services. Energy companies may profit, but the rest of the economy suffers.

Never forget that our entire economy runs on energy. 

Yet we see a president who wants our energy costs to “skyrocket” and the Democrats seem only too happy to help him! The biggest Democratic contributor, a billionaire named Tom Steyer, is heavily invested in very expensive “green” energy and is spending millions demanding Democrats kill fossil fuels in general including the Keystone pipeline. 

With a sensible energy policy, we could be totally energy independent within 10 years. In addition, by keeping our resources here in this country rather than exporting them, we can allow domestic supply and demand control our prices completely divorced from world oil markets. If we produce an abundant domestic supply that outpaces demand, prices will be quite low compared to today and remain stable for many years to come regardless of what happens on the world markets. Supply disruptions in the Middle East or elsewhere need have no impact on us at all. 

Individual energy companies produce our oil and gas. But that oil and gas is really owned by the American people. 

Don’t let politicians continue to bow to special interests while Rome burns. If they do not support producing all of our own resources, throw them out and get new representation. This has been a national priority for 40 years and things are worse now than ever. Only we the voters can fix this problem. 

Write your legislators, often and repeatedly, and let them know that you demand economical energy independence now or they will be replaced. 

Note that I copied my legislators on this letter. Once again they will hear my voice. What about your voice?

Wayne Peterkin


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