President Creates Overseas Problems

Dear Editor,

Can you imagine an alleged Vietnam turncoat traveling overseas to Cairo in order to try a cease fire in war with Israel.

You don’t think that these people are stupid and don’t realize his real intentions.

Is this a part of our administration that is confused over things of lesser value?

They can’t or don’t wish to control our border or what to do with additional guests that have crept or swum in.

Anything that walks, talks, or is not of Chicago value is confusing to cement walkers in D.C. that descended here also.

Confusion is part of their trade as they complicate ordinary rules of regulations that would impact a ping pong game.

Giving the appearance of a democrat is to enhance one’s chance to cross over and those will be courted on to later vote the same.

This president creates problems with other countries, then accuses Republicans to solve these problems that are unforeseen and just happened naturally?

Dick Waltrip


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