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It isn’t easy being the new kid in town. Sometimes it’s exciting. Sometimes it’s scary. It’s always interesting, but it’s most definitely not easy. It’s not easy for the faint of heart and it’s a huge asset to have a strong, outgoing personality. 

Most people are born, live, and die in the same town their whole lives and never get to experience what it’s like to go through this whole new adjustment. Some people, like myself, live a ‘gypsy’ life and get to experience it more than once. It has its pros and cons.

When you live an adventurous life, there are a few things that you get used to changing besides your address. You have to find all new resources, like Doctors, dry cleaner, bank, and pharmacy. Every time you leave your house to run normal errands or tend to personal business, you’re trying to figure out your new surroundings. Every day is an adventure when you’re learning your way around a new town, where government offices are, choosing a grocery store, learning emergency contacts, adjusting to a new job, making new friends, getting to know new neighbors, and my personal favorite experience, enrolling your kids in a new school.

If you’ve never had to experience the stress and excitement of relocating your life, you’ll never understand how it also affects your children. Helping them adjust to the changes in their lives, while adjusting to your own, can be overwhelming. Or it can be an exciting adventure. It’s all in how you look at it.

Some people may question why anyone would purposely choose this life, or why a parent would put their children through that kind of stress without a good enough reason. Well, it can be argued what constitutes a ‘good enough’ reason. It could be to follow a job, to leave a difficult situation, or to improve on an existing situation. Sometimes it could simply be in pursuit of what better suits you and your family’s needs and wants in life.

It may not always be easy, but it’s not necessarily bad, either. I’ve learned to adopt a personal motto in life, and I repeat it daily to myself as well as to my children; “Never be afraid to go through changes and new experiences. Every new experience, either good or bad, is an opportunity to learn something new and grow within yourself and every time you grow, your life becomes richer for it.” This is especially true for the seemingly most difficult situations in life.

So if you see or meet a “new kid” at school, in your office, or in your neighborhood, maybe say, “Hello!” I can’t speak for every newcomer in town, but I can speak for me and mine. We don’t bite and we want to meet you!

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