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Dear Editor,

In 1974, I registered for the draft and then got in the next line to register to vote. Since then I have failed to vote in only a handful of elections. I take my right to vote very seriously. For a free nation, it is the only way to make a difference in the makeup of our government.

Since the rise of political action committees (PACs), our choice of candidates has become worse every year. The big money decides who to put their money on based solely on what the candidates will do for them, not us or for the good of the country. The Tea Party is destroying the Republican Party. Calling abortion a medical procedure that enhances women’s health has kept me from considering any Democrat because of their views on killing innocent life.

All of the years of only working to get re-elected and not working for the good of the nation has led us to where we are now. Republicans believe people like me will always vote for the Republican candidate. Democrats pander to minorities, immigrants, women who want to be able to kill their babies, and most of all, people who are dependent on the government for their livelihood.

Well, I tell you, I am tired of always voting against someone and not for someone I believe in. If the Republican Party gives one choice of Donald Trump and the Democrats give me Hillary Clinton, I will not vote. They are playing us for fools and I will not be a part of it. Of course, I believe this is what they already want, so all elections will be decided by fewer and fewer people.

We are all going to lose our freedom if we always allow these idiots to run our country into the ground. Our country is at a crossroad. Should we allow Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to play us like members of some tribe on some reality show?

Tommy Hewett


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