Spare the rod, spoil the child

The Way I See It by Don West

We did spank our child but not to excess, at least by our standards. The standards of today seem to be based on the Dr. Spock theory that we may bruise their little egos if we spank them. I do not advocate spanking in the heat of the moment but a count to 10 and a butt-warming that follows usually indicates that there is a price to pay when one breaks the rules.

I recently saw a video that showed (I did not verify) some unruly children with vocabularies worse than I ever heard in the Navy, temper tantrums and generally unruly and rude behavior toward their parents. I use the word “parents” quite loosely as I did not see or hear anything that one could actually call parenting. Some of my peers and I agree that we never saw anything like this in our childhood years and I know that it was not allowed in our home whether it was my children or visitors. Respect was demanded and enforced and it was shown to all by all. No exceptions were allowed. 

We had a different name for “time out” — it was called “on your knees in the corner”.  Most times, a raised eyebrow or a threat was enough to correct the misdemeanor, but children knew the consequences if they didn’t heed the warning.  If there was any objection or disagreement about the punishment, we were sent to our rooms with the understanding that we would not return without a mouth full of apologies. We did not have a room with television, computers, phones, or even air conditioning so your room was not a pleasant place to be if you had other choices.

One thing I noticed in the video is that the parent had to keep repeating the answer to the question, “why am I being punished?” In our home, it was answered once and if asked again, it was off to the dark room to contemplate the answer.  The children in this video showed no respect for authority and I can only assume that these children will grow up to occupy our jails and commit road rage upon the unsuspecting.  I sincerely hope I don’t cross paths with them.  One or both of us will end up having a very bad day.

This is a warning to parents and grandparents. The little monsters don’t come out of the womb with an attitude — it is installed at home.  You can do something about it. If you don’t, be prepared for the consequences.  If you remember the column last week, I told you that we all have to accept the responsibility of our choices.  Raising children the right way is a choice. Raising them to be unruly little monsters is also a choice.

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