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Paint it white and call it home

Beauty for Ashes by Erin Cuccio Many moons ago, when we were dating, there was a house near where sweet husband and I worked that encapsulated all our hopes and dreams.  We thought it was gorgeous.  Beautiful.  Magnificent.  We would often talk about the “house on the corner” knowing exactly what the other was referring […]

Spare the rod, spoil the child

The Way I See It by Don West We did spank our child but not to excess, at least by our standards. The standards of today seem to be based on the Dr. Spock theory that we may bruise their little egos if we spank them. I do not advocate spanking in the heat of […]

Your own peace starts with you

In My Own Little World by Aubrey Broussard “You made me mad, so you made me do it.” I don’t know about any of you, but when I hear this excuse, and yes, it’s an excuse, the first thing I think of is a situation of abuse. For me, I specifically think of any form […]

Stand tall or sit down

I’m Just Sayin’ by Shiela Smith I do not remember the incident but my sister and father often tell a story from my fourth grade year. According to them, a boy who sat behind me in class had pulled my hair so I turned around and hit him. He tattled and I got in trouble. The […]

There’s an app for that

The Way I See It by Don West It’s the New Year and time for us to make all those resolutions to lose weight, quit smoking, pray more, stop gossiping, exercise, make amends, forgive more easily or be more tolerant. You can add your own to the list but don’t write them in stone because […]

Panic in the South: A somewhat fake news story

I’m Just Sayin’ by Sheila Smith THE SOUTH – As residents prepare for the arrival of a bitter arctic blast, Fake News First caught up with community members as they prepared for unusually cold temps. Road, driving hazards predicted Law enforcement officer John Goodoleboy said the public could expect an increased number of patrolmen on […]

The most wonderful time of the year?

In My Own Little World by Aubrey Broussard Although I love the warmth of the holidays, the magic of the season and the heartwarming visits with loved ones, as my children grow up and establish independent lives, Christmas has become a bittersweet time of year for me. My family traditions began slowly changing in recent […]

Agree to respectfully disagree

The Way I See It by Don West When Bobbye and I get the chance to gather with our blended families, it is enjoyable for both of us but stressful for her. She is one of those personality types that wants to always “fix” everyone and everything and she will always concern herself in making […]

Family isn’t always about genetics

In My Own Little World by Aubrey Broussard A couple of weeks ago I shared my personal journey in adjusting to changing holiday traditions. Today, I’m going to expand on that subject by sharing how part of those changing traditions is accompanied by redefining the idea of what a family is. I grew up in a […]

The Old House

The Way I See It by Don West The most popular comment I am receiving as of late is, “I see y’all are tearing down the old home place.”  At first I was perplexed but, after a moment, remembered that when passing down Cutting Avenue, they have finally gone in to remove that eyesore that […]

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