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The bad guys seem to be winning

Just Sayin’ by Sheila Smith “Someone has taken justice and hidden it in the law.” Judge Benjamin Caulfield, “The Star Chamber” Not long ago, my friend was attacked in a case of road rage in Jennings. Two women, a mother and daughter, believed the victim had cut them off in traffic. They followed her, blocked […]

Call them what they are

I’m Just Sayin’ by Sheila Smith “Why is it when a man rapes a little girl, he goes to jail, but when a woman rapes a boy, she had a breakdown?” CNN talker Nancy Grace once asked. I seldom share her thoughts but on this topic, I have the same question.The law seems to show leniency […]

Respect and disrespect

The Way I See It by Don West I don’t recall seeing or hearing about “protests” but there has probably never been a young person who hasn’t rebelled or protested because of something they deemed to be unfair. If forced to dig a ditch, complete a homework assignment, attend a social or civic function, get a […]

Maintaining grace under fire

In My Own Little World by Aubrey Broussard Everyone is damaged, broken and hurting in some intimate and personal way. How we each deal with our own damage or the brokenness of others is a testament to our character. We have the power to control how we will react to the circumstances around us. As […]

HAARPing on the weather

I’m Just Sayin’ by Sheila Smith The coworker was discussing a biography about inventor Nicola Tesla. “He built a device that triggered earthquakes,” she told me. “When he died, he was working on a machine that controlled the weather. The government cleared out his apartment three days later.” “A machine that controls the weather?” I […]

Stupidity in a serious moment

The Way I See It by Don West I will need confession this week because I certainly lost my temper  one morning, and it would be a shame to allow a liberal tree-hugging wing-nut reporter to condemn my soul to the netherworld. Let me explain. There was a press conference whereby the FEMA people were notifying […]

Preparation and common sense

The Way I See it by Don West I watched a news documentary recently, and one has to be careful when using the term “news”. Certainly, we all know that news stories can be slanted to portray the reporter’s and/or employer’s take on a particular news event.  I have seen documentaries in the past that were […]

Smart phones made us dumb

The Way I See It by Don West While enjoying the fruits of my labor after my first year in business, I decided in 1990 that I would not be interested in using computers, nor would I ever need a computer or want a computer. Well, I think I was wrong. I will add that […]

Teaching myths

Lessons Learned by Glenetta Shuey As a retired educator with over 40 years experience, I have seen the good, the not-so-good and the downright ludicrous! I have heard it all as well: the negative and positive, and truly laughable ideas people have concerning teachers and their work. Admittedly, as with any profession, there are some […]

Let kids handle their own problems

In My own Little World by Aubrey Broussard When I was growing up, my parents never got involved with my teenage drama. Yes, teenagers have a lot of drama, and anyone raising them completely knows and understands what I’m referring to. As children transition from child to young adult, hormone fluctuations, social challenges and life […]

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