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Should 911 expand to text?

When 49 people were killed last month during a mass shooting in Orlando, Fla., victims texted relatives to call 911, fearing they would draw too much attention by making voice calls. None of them could text 911 directly because Orlando is among the vast majority of U.S. cities that don’t have that capability. Amid a […]

Why honeybees need protection

Despite their importance in the ecosystem, honeybees are in grave danger. In 2014, U.S. President Barack Obama created a task force comprised of various agencies to address the growing issue of rapidly diminishing honeybees and other pollinating insects. This initiative was a response to reports from American beekeepers indicating hive deaths have been on the […]

Unpatriotic or smart?

Several of the NBA’s best American players have decided to skip this summer’s Olympic Games in Brazil to a number of different reasons, but is that something that should be held against the athletes for not representing their country? Is the fact that most of these players are taking heat in the media really warranted? […]

PTSD now a common part of society

June is recognized as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Month in America. Though today is the last day in that month, the issue requires more attention than only one month can give. The National Institute of Health defines PTSD as a disorder that develops in some individuals who have experienced a shocking, terrifying or […]

Social media is no place for relationships

We live in a world ruled by social media, and we’ve become accustomed to sharing our interactions with everyone we know. What can provide a way to keep in touch with far away friends and family, free business promotion or a way to quickly and easily arrange, organize and extend invites for group events and […]

Limit on insulin pumps worries patients

Health insurer’s deals with supply companies are setting up diabetic patients for failure. UnitedHealth Group Inc. has made a deal with device maker Medtronic that will slash options for diabetics who use the portable pumps, which costs thousands of dollars. The move has angered patients who will be limited to three pump choices instead of […]

More of the same from Capitol Hill

House Democrats and Republicans are doing what they do best on Capitol Hill – arguing yet accomplishing nothing. Since the senseless slaughter of nearly 50 people at a night club in Orlando, Democrats have been demanding sweeping changes to gun laws while Republicans want a crackdown on radical Islam. Last week Democrats lead a 15-hour […]

Let the games begin

Over 500,000 people are expected to descend on the country of Brazil in August as part of the Olympic Games held in Rio de Janeiro. When these people return home, memories and souvenirs will accompany them, however some may return home with something a little more frightening: the Zika virus. This is a likely enough […]

No parent is perfect

In light of two recent public incidents involving child safety and parenting, our society has expressed overwhelming opinions ranging from the security of family entertainment venues to parental competency. The first incident occurred when a four-year-old child fell into a zoo enclosure. The outcome resulted in the child being injured and an endangered gorilla shot […]

Happy Father’s Day

Too often, great men are overlooked or under-appreciated. Many times, these men are fathers or father-figures. Society puts much emphasis on the men who shirk responsibility and care of their children, but seldom does society show admiration for the many men who have helped to mold us into the people we are today. Dads, grandfathers, […]

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