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Reader shares views

Dear Editor, Well, here I go again. Yes Mr. Trump is at it again. Listening to everything that is going on I guess the G.O.P. party is also saying “Here we go again!” I just find it amazing that despite of all the distasteful, disgusting, humiliating things Trump has said about women, Latinos, blacks, and […]

Resident responds to letter

Dear Editor, In response to Joe Semmes’ letter: In reading the lengthy whole-page letter, I still haven’t heard any Christian values Donald Trump possesses. It’s not about political engagement nor is it bait and switch. It’s about Christian values; as is abortion. The bait and switch is trying to say abortion is a political issue. […]

Reader shares concerns

Dear Editor, Why is it that the working man doing an everyday job is being harassed and cited with tickets for blocking a highway? On August 31, a construction company located in Lacassine called a particular Sheriff’s Office asking for assistance in directing traffic for safety reasons. At that time, a lady with the sheriff’s […]

Resident responds to letters

Dear Editor, Mr. Guidry, a frequent writer to this paper, has charged those who intend to vote for Trump, as a people having “abandoned their core values of decency and respect.” Later in that same letter, he repeated that charge by recommending people keep on following America’s savior “and abandoning self-respect and caring about others.” He […]

Has nation abandoned God?

Dear Editor, Americans turn on their TVs and cannot believe their eyes when looking at the evening news. When I was growing up, gambling used to be illegal, now it is called “charitable gaming.” Softening the semantics still does not make gambling a moral activity. Abortion used to be illegal, not it’s “pro-choice,” but the […]

Reader questions political system

Dear Editor, When people or governments engage in immigration for the purposes of bringing in cheap labor to replace existing American workers, to expand a voter base for the purpose of an election, change population numbers and demographics, or increasing a taxable base, how is that NOT “human trafficking?” As far as I can tell, […]

Discussion on election continues

Dear Editor, What is it about politics and party loyalty that has such a strong hold on people? People who would normally look upon a person like Donald Trump with dislike, disdain and disgust and have revealed those sentiments about him prior to his becoming their party’s candidate now embrace him and wholeheartedly support him. […]

Former reporter shares views

Dear Editor, Back when I was the assistant editor of Jennings Daily News (2006-2011), many people would say to me, “You’re going to have a great book to write one day.” And unfortunately, they were referring to the as-of-yet unsolved murders now collectively referred to as the Jeff Davis Eight. I would often nod politely […]

Dr. Fontenot remembered

Dear Editor, This past Thursday, September the 8th, my dentist’s secretary called to cancel my appointment. I found it odd that I was getting a call from their office a full week prior to my next appointment scheduled for September 15th. They usually called a few days prior to an appointment with a reminder but […]

Party lines, abortion discussed

Dear Editor, I am a Christian who is also a sinner. I believe the promise of the birth, the life, the teaching, the torture and execution but most importantly the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the only path to eternal life for my soul. Because of this, I believe the taking of innocent life is […]

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