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Semmes Talks Dollar General

Dear Editor, It is called “one of the largest decisions in Hathaway’s history in the area-made without hardly any discussion with the people who matter.” It is the controversial department store planned in Hathaway played out on “anti-social media”, in particular on “Farcebook”. An anti-Dollar General (DG) page was created and in the process of all […]

WHS Thanks Public

Dear Editor, The parents of the 2016 Welsh High Graduates would like to thank all the local merchants and individuals for their generous support of the After Graduation Drug Free Party. The party was held after graduation on May 11, 2016 in Welsh and the donations were used to pay for the food, games and […]

Reader Shares Views

Given the rise of Conservative values in American politics, which once piggybacked on the ascension of Fox News Channel, talk radio, and the tangible economic benefits of Ronald Reagan’s presidency, we certainly have a lot to celebrate as Conservatives. However, I’m concerned we are nearing the end of traditional Conservative populism and here’s why. The […]

Pastor Commends School, Responders

Dear Editor, Today, I witnessed the beauty of a unified, professional organization as they responded to the cowardly act of a bomb threat. Ward Elementary was forced to evacuate their school Monday as a result of the threat. My daughter teaches a second grade class so I was alerted the moment they were asked to […]

Reader Shares Views

Dear Editor, In 1974, I registered for the draft and then got in the next line to register to vote. Since then I have failed to vote in only a handful of elections. I take my right to vote very seriously. For a free nation, it is the only way to make a difference in […]

Reader Shares Views

Dear Editor, A study of prophecy in Matthew 24 offers some of the signs: Forsaking the Lord (verse 5); fighting, wars and rumors of wars (verse 6); famines and earthquakes (verse 7); fear (verse 9); faintheartedness (verse 10); false prophets (verse 11); faithlessness (verse 12). “14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached […]

Vote for who?

Dear Editor, Listening to Donald Trump’s excuse for not attending the Fox News debate is like listening to a big spoiled brat. Being president, one has to be able to deal with many people and situations that are not to his liking, but the strength to stand up for the rights of all rather than […]

Takeovers Happen Slowly

Dear Editor, For the downfall of a nation as great as ours to be brought about, someone would have to start from the middle. They would pretend to enjoy our freedoms and our worship to a God who is not of their culture. This will not be sustainable to their worship. A nation as powerful […]

Reader Shares Views

Dear Editor, I do judge This President remarks on the cost of maintaining Gitmo, but he does not tell us how much he spent and wasted one solar panel plant that failed. One of these released prisoners are now back fighting us again and maybe more of the five are also doing so. Who we […]

Where is Accountability, Justice?

Some people cause such catastrophic ripples in lives and fail to take any responsibility. Those who enable them are just as guilty in my eyes. More to the point, often our justice system fails to hold them responsible. The police officers do their job, but often for naught. Why is it some people can burglarize […]

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