Hard work still gets the job done

Patience is a virtue and it’s one of the things that ma ybe the most difficult in life to master when a person is used to something being consistent in the way they think. When new jobs, ideas, programs or companies start from the ground up, employees hired to run those operations often struggle with having to go from established success to starting completely over. It’s something that can get the best of people or it can make them grow into better leaders and teachers.

In a world where businesses, sports teams and all others like them want success right away, it may actually be more fulfilling for those in charge of building these new ideas to taste failure first before reaching their prize. Rome was not built in a day. That’s one of the most famous sayings throughout civilization, and really explains the time and effort it takes to put into making something work. There are ideas that businessmen or investors told dreamers they were crazy for thinking and that they would never work. However, the ones who refused to hear those words have been the ones who survive.

What if the creator and CEO of Raising Cane’s restaurant had listened to his professor when he presented a project on a chicken restaurant idea? That professor told him it would never work and he received a less than average grade on the paper. Well, most people can see how that worked out in the long run. But, it was because the man refused to give up on his dream.

How many athletic teams decide to start certain sports from the ground up and go through miserable times to start? Quite a few all over this country, to be exact. But it’s the coaches, players and administrators who never allow quitting to be an option that usually see the fruits of their labor down the road. In society today, it can be too easy to throw in the towel or not believe in that person who sees the bigger picture.

Brick by brick things can be built, but it takes the people who want to persevere to get it done, not the ones who want it handed to them.