JDSO, 911 dispatchers to move closer to new jail

Friday, July 27, 2018

Dispatchers from the Jeff Davis Sheriff’s Office and 911 will soon be relocated to a building that is closer to the new jail being built off U.S. 90.

The Jeff Davis Police Jury entered into a cooperative agreement with the Sheriff’s Office Wednesday afternoon to purchase the front portion of the building located at 1602 U.S. 90 for $275,000.

The building will be used as the new location for the 911 dispatch center and the Sheriff’s Office dispatchers. The 300,000-squarefoot building is located in the front of the former Gary Construction building, according to Police Jury President Donald Woods.

Funds to operate the parish 911 dispatch center come from surcharges that are imposed on resident’s cell phone service bills, according to Woods.

The terms of the cooperative endeavor agreement include that the parish and the Sheriff’s Office will split the cost of ongoing maintenance for a right-of-way located along the back side of the property. Also, 911 will pay for the new generator and tower, and the Sheriff’s Office will house employees in the front of the the building for the APHIS Kiosk, where family members can visit prisoners without making direct contact.

Other conditions include that the dispatch center will reimburse the Sheriff’s Office for and information technology work provided by the Sheriff’s Office on 911 equipment, half of 911 employees’ salaries, health insurance and pension, as well as the 911 director’s salary, mileage and benefits, according to the agreement.

Woods said Wednesday that moving the dispatch center to a larger and more consolidated facility that is also located in close proximity of the new jail will help the entities operate more efficiently.

The plans include a new meeting room for officials to gather in during any natural disasters or emergency situation that make take place in the parish.