Big kids still believe

Adults send requests to the North Pole
Sunday, December 23, 2018

This year Jennings Daily News team reached out to online readers to find out what they would like to find under their tree Christmas morning. As long as the requests were fit for publication, reporters agreed to pass the messages along to Kris Kringle.

As expected, some requests were quite jolly. Others left reporters crying at their desks as they realized how blessed they are in life. Let’s begin with the heartfelt words before we move into the lighthearted ones.

Dear Santa,

I would love to have a ton of presents sent to a soldier who has spent most of her time away on active duty tours, away from her 2-yearold son. She does this to provide for him. She doesn’t make much money and I know things are tight. She deserves a white Christmas filled with laughter, presents and love, being she is finally home with her son this year.

Mrs. Bertrand


Dear Santa,

It’s been many years since I’ve asked for anything for Christmas, but here goes my special request. Please give my son in Heaven this message from me: “You will soon be an uncle to your nephew, Blakely Aaron.” I know he would have been the best uncle in the world! My second request is that my beautiful daughter have a healthy delivery and baby boy.

Last, but not least, I ask that my friend’s husband gets a new heart soon so he can begin healing. Thank you, Santa.



Dear Santa,

I am 21 years old and live a humble life in Jennings, Louisiana.

I only want one thing for Christmas. I would love for my son to be in his new home for 2019 and the rest of many years to come.



Dear Santa,

All I wish for Christmas is for next year to be a better year than this past one. My mama in December of last year was admitted to a nursing home and suffers with dementia. My daddy, who I was the closest to my entire life, died unexpectedly in April of this year.

Now, Santa, don’t get me wrong. I love my mom. But my entire life, I hid my feelings, worries, concerns and fears from her to protect her. She always had bad nerve issues her entire life. I went to my dad instead. I do so love my mom, even moreso if that’s possible!

My wish for Christmas, Santa, is for 2019 to be filled with happiness and health for myself, my two daughters and extended family. One particular blessing that I am thankful for this year is the birth of my grandson Isaac. He brings such joy and happiness in my life.


A 59-year-old lady


Dear Santa,

Christmas isn’t a happy time for everyone. Bring little things that can give lots of joy because many of us need it. You could throw in a happy New Year, too. We wouldn’t mind.




Dear Santa,

This Christmas I would like for the childish Democrats and Republicans to quit bashing each other and work together for this country and its people. What would Jesus do? Surely not what is happening these days. Some of the ones doing the most bashing claim to be Christians. Santa, please help them to remember that Jesus is having a birthday and to honor Him, be more kind, help the poor, love one another and teach their children what Christmas is really about.



Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is for the hurt and anger to leave my oldest son’s heart. Since his father left us eight years ago, he has struggled with this. We have gone through counseling and anger management. It has helped but it still doesn’t make up for the time, attention and love he craves from his father. I try my hardest to let him know how loved he is and that I know none of this is fair. Such a goodhearted child does not deserve this, no child does. I just ask for peace and love to fill his heart. I have been asking Jesus this too. I just thought you could put in a good word for him.



Dear Santa,

Could we finally have a cure for cancer? I work in the medical field and see too many couples and families being torn apart by this evil disease. It’s especially hard when you are treating a patient that you know is only getting a few more weeks or months, not a chance at living a much longer life. A lot of people are spending their final Christmas with loved ones this year. We need a cure.



Dear Santa,

This year will be the first Christmas that my family celebrates without my niece, who died earlier this year. She was 14. The holidays don’t feel like they used to and no one is really looking forward to Christmas. My wish is that we remember she is celebrating Christmas with Jesus this year even though we have to spend the holiday without her. I also hope other families enjoy their time together this year. Time goes by so quickly. We don’t know when our time together will end. Let’s all enjoy the time we have.



Now that you are probably dabbing your eyes, let’s laugh until we cry some more...

Dear Santa,

Please bring my son at least a score of 20 on his ACT so I can stop spending $50 every month for him to retake this test. Also, please bring my husband something more exciting than the Letgo app on his phone. My garage cannot store another broken go-cart that he got a “deal” on... or bring me a six-car garage so I can store him and his broken Letgo items in it.

And 48 hours of uninterrupted sleep.



Dear Santa,

Bring me a good fishing spot no one else can find, a dog that’s not gun-shy, another Saints Super Bowl win and a good crawfish season. I’ll be happy with those things, my man.



Dear Santa,

This year I think I’ve been an exceptionally wellbehaved YOUNG woman! With that being said, as you know, I’m a mom, therefore my list will be anything but normal.

I really want to go to the bathroom alone, with the door closed, and no child screaming “MOM!” I’d also like a dishwasher (other than me, that is). I’d really like to do something called “sleeping in.” I’ve heard it’s nice but I can’t remember what it’s like. I’d also like a date night with my husband, and I don’t mean with our three kids at Chick-fil-A.

If you can’t handle any of that, I understand completely and ask that all of my kids’ needs are taken care of this year and that they all know how much they mean to me.

Go ahead and leave a pair of Corral boots in a size 7 under the tree.



Dear Santa,

My name is Kaitlyn Richard and I am 23 years old. I have been AMAZING this year.

My favorite color is aqua blue and my favorite animal is my puppy, Annie Lou. My best friends are Taylor and my mom, Paula Bonin.

For Christmas I would like my mom to pay all my bills for the year of 2019 and to also babysit my newborn son during nights so I don’t miss any beauty sleep. I also would like an aqua blue Kitchenaid mixer. That is all!


Lake Arthur

Dear Santa,

As a Cajun currently living in Wyoming, my list may be long. Here are some things I could really use this Christmas:

1. Sausage. Santa, I’m knee-deep in brats but there’s not an andouille sausage in sight. Have you ever tried to make gumbo with brats? The kids ask why there’s weenies floating around. I can find crawfish here, but a decent link eludes me.

2. Satsumas. I saw Texas grapefruits at the store so I asked if they ever carry satsumas. The produce guy thought it was some type of meat.

3. Raw oysters and fresh seafood in general. You’re not getting that in a landlocked state. It’s just not happening.

4. Lessons on shoveling snow and driving on ice. Neither are as easy as they look, and my performance of either of these screams that I’m a Southerner.

5. Sunlight and warm water. We spent the summer here and the temperature did get up into the 90s occasionally. No matter how warm it was, however, the lakes here are always, always too cold for swimming. Now we are a couple months into what I hear will be EIGHT MONTHS of winter and I’m starting to feel the lack of vitamin D.

6. Warm clothes. I don’t think I ever really understood why anyone would need coats, mittens, scarves, hats, snow pants, snow boots, thermals … but now I do. When the temperature is seven degrees with 40-plus mph winds, there is no such thing as “warm enough.”

7. Just one of these geese, or that deer in the neighbor’s yard. The wildlife is everywhere, and no one is bothering them. Down South, there would be 10 guys with shotguns trailing them. Don’t these people know how good gumbo tastes? Obviously not.

I’ll be waiting patiently on Christmas Eve, Santa!

Nicole Moller

Casper, Wyoming

Dear Santa,

Pay my bills.



Dear Santa,

I would like the following for Christmas:

World peace. A “right” Christmas for all remembering the reason for the season. I really would like new living room furniture including but not limited to a side table to hide snacks in as well as a big recliner (I asked for that in my last letter and I didn’t get it yet). I would like a day of pampering — hair and nails done, maybe a massage, a nap? And if you want to throw some surprises along with that, I sure would appreciate it.



Dear Santa,

Look, it’s been a while for both of us, and let’s not pretend we parted on the best of terms. However, my therapist says I should express my feelings more clearly to the people in my life, and I pay him too much not to do what he says.

So, let’s cut to the chase, ‘mmkay? Christmas 1987. I had asked for a Nintendo and indeed, all my friends had asked for one, too. And they all got theirs, and I got bupkis. Just a lonely invitation to take a long walk off a short pier.

Don’t try to sell me your whole ‘naughty’ and ‘nice’ story. My buddy Tom dunked his sister’s head in a toilet and he still got a Nintendo. Meanwhile, I had to pretend to like Tom’s mom’s cooking for a whole year just so I could get weekly rations of “Bubble Bobble” – and to this day, I have dunked a whole ZERO people in toilet water. (I don’t even like “Bubble Bobble!”)

So here’s what I want, fatty. I want my year back. I want Christmas 1987 to Christmas 1988 back, and you’re going to provide me with “Super Mario Bros. 2” On. The. Day. It. Comes. Out. You know what I don’t want? Excuses. Shove your sorries in a sack, mister. You’re Santa Claus, not the Medicaid office or the DMV. Get it together.

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Competence! OH, c’mon in! You should meet my friend, Santa.

XXXs and OOOs,

Scott Lewis


Dear Santa,

My name is Chasity McDermott and I am 29 years old, the mother of an almost 2-year-old, Prestley McDermott.

I have been really good this year, like, better than ever before. So I would like for my daughter to skip the terrible two’s and keep my sanity together.

Also, I would like for God to put things in order for a mission trip to Africa or Guatemala.

As more materialistic things, I will keep it short: A Fossil watch with leather straps, new travel luggage, an area rug for my living room and something really big, a NEW house!



Dear Santa,

I want to eat all the Christmas fudge and not get fat. I want a vacation house on the lake with lots of fish. I want my kids to grow up and not be jerks.



Dear Santa,

I want a new ex-wife.



Dear Fat Man,

So…I’m pretty sure I’m on your naughty list this year but I’m gonna need you to snap your magic fingers and change that.

I am the mother of four children…FOUR! I try to be good but, darn it, it’s really hard.

For Christmas this year, I DEMAND a nice beach vacation with a hot cabana boy, and for my bank account to always have just the right amount of money in it for anything I need. And adult drinks…lots of adult drinks!

And I guess, like, throw in some world peace or whatever. I’ll try to be better next year, but don’t hold your breath.

Peace out, homie.



Dearest Santa,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am trying my best down here to help you out. Working with children can be mentally exhausting as I am sure you are aware. This leads to me first request.

We educators deserve a huge raise. That $1,000 per year raise that our sweet governor is speaking of is laughable. With all my deductions, I may add a whopping $20 to my pocket. Thankfully, I am single and childless. If I weren’t, I would probably have to work two or three jobs to survive.

Oh, this leads to my next request. Where are all the rich, hot men? It seems like the selection down here is lacking and I am not getting any younger! Please let him have nice teeth. This is a MUST!

I really don’t think these things are too much to ask for, Santa. Please help a sista out!

Exhausted in Eunice,

Miss M.

P.S. I apologize for having no cookies for you. Funds are low and I am trying to diet. Merry Christmas!

Dear Santa,

I never expect much for Christmas. It’s hard to come up with gift ideas. But if I had to choose, this year I would really love it if you’d pay off my son’s braces. That metal is expensive.

Also, I’d like boudin.




Dear Santa,

I would greatly appreciate it if my husband and children would do as they are told, at all times. A cleaning fairy would be fantastic, as would a pill that would help me lose 20 pounds overnight. I want food stamps and a grant that would allow me to live free off the government. Last but not least, please ask the Saints to quit giving people strokes.




Dear Santa,

I’ve been... alive all year! I haven’t told many people off. Except for Dave. He’s a jerk and deserves nothing but coal. I haven’t bragged about anything to anyone. Except for that one time I had to put Dave in his place. (He got a little too big for his britches.)

I don’t want much this year. I guess it would be nice if everyone could get along. But I’m sure everyone is asking for world peace or something like that already. Lord knows DAVE is over there acting like Miss America. Did you know he wrote “Save the Everythings” in Christmas lights on his roof? Hypocrite has a moose mounted in his dining room.

I’m pretty happy where I am in life. Great family. Great job. Great friends. Not sure what you’d consider Dave to be, though. Since it’s the season for niceties, I’ll say he’s mediocre. Anyway, the point is, I’m doing good. So I’d really appreciate it if you’d focus on someone else this year. It’s easy to see so many in need. I wish you’d do something for them. I’m sure Dave is fine you can skip him as well.

If you HAVE to give me something, though, I would like an espresso machine (see my Amazon wishlist). Or a know, NOT shoot things into Dave’s yard.

Thanks for everything,

Michael in Natchitoches

P.S. Dave said he doesn’t believe in you...just putting that out there.

Dear Santa,

Life has been so perfect this year. It’s been amazing. There’s nothing I need beyond the love of my wonderful family and friends. I even said as much to my sweet husband when he asked what to buy for me. Our neighbor Dave didn’t even ask his wife Karen what she’d like for Christmas. He just surprised her with next year’s sedan-model Lexus, powder blue with tan leather and seat warmers. But really, I have everything I could ever need or want in life.

My beautiful daughter is happy and healthy. Who could ask for more? Even though Dave and Karen’s little girl has nearly mastered the Mandarin language this year and our perfect angel only knows three phrases in Klingon. Really, we couldn’t be happier with our sweet darling.

Our sink full of dirty dishes means we are blessed with food in our bellies. Karen says the new nanny Dave hired for her can clean house like a Godsend. She also does meal planning three months in advance, has a master’s degree in essential oils, a pilot’s license and makes toothpaste from scratch so that Dave and Karen’s little girl won’t be exposed to toxic preservatives. But truly, life is too perfect for words, Santa. Merry Christmas!

Sincerely, Rachel


P.S. Karen, that heifer, said she spent the entire morning serving soup to the needy, but there was a power blue Lexus parked at Shirley’s Cut N’ Curl this morning when I passed by heading to the market. You may want to check that list twice when you get to her name.