Cameras looking for uninsured autos

Sheila Smith
Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Some issues exist with program

Advanced license plate readers are now located around Jeff Davis Parish and the state, scanning passing vehicles to determine if they are insured.

The state contracted the services of the private Louisiana Public Safety Company in an effort to reduce the number of drivers on roadways who have no auto insurance. According to the company, when the license plate reader detects a vehicle that does not have required liability coverage, a notice of violation is mailed to the vehicle’s registered owner.

“The process works the same as if you would be stopped or cited for an insurance violation by law enforcement,” District Attorney Michael Cassidy said. “If you can prove that your vehicle was insured on the day the alleged violation was noted, then you do not face any fines. However, if you cannot prove this and do not pay the fine, the information is forwarded to the district attorney’s office.”

However, Cassidy said, it seems there are glitches in the program. Some local vehicle owners who are properly insured have received notices of violation.

“My office has received calls from vehicle owners who received citations in the mail even though their vehicle was insured on the date the citation took place,” he said. “I have a meeting with the company owner and chairman of the board and his staff Aug. 26. I am hoping we can rectify the problems and concerns we have with the program.”

Cassidy said he hopes these issues can be resolved, as the program aims to help in getting more Louisiana motorists covered by insurance.

“This could possibly aid in lowering auto insurance premiums for everyone in our state,” he said.

Farm Bureau agent Barry Bush said any vehicle owner who mistakenly received a citation should request a copy of their declaration page from their insurance provider as proof that they had no lapse in coverage. This page can then be turned over to the company.

In a press release, Louisiana Public Safety Company said erroneous citations are immediately purged from its system if no violation took place. The citation is then resolved. An opportunity to reduce the citation amount owed will be offered to the individual if they can prove that they have obtained insurance after the time of the issuance of the ticket. If they choose to contest it in court, they may do so.

In Louisiana, a vehicle must be covered by liability insurance in order to be operated on roadways. Fines for this violation average $500 and can include other penalties and fees.

In addition to insurance enforcement, license plate numbers captured by Louisiana Public Safety Company’s cameras will also be used to aid law enforcement with Amber Alerts, kidnappings, warrants, stolen vehicles and other criminal activity.

Citations are being mailed under the name “District Attorney 31st Judicial District Public Safety Program Processing Center.” The company can be reached at

(225) 385-4740 and online at . The physical address for the company is 3834 New Prosperity Lane Ste. B, Addis, LA, 70710.