PJ postpones Elton property rezoning

Friday, June 14, 2019

Residents oppose measure to build mobile home park

ELTON - Wednesday parish officials postponed a measure that would rezone property from agricultural to commercial in Elton for a mobile home park after several residents said they opposed the idea.

Property owner Kenneth K. Reynard is looking to build a mobile home park in addition to a seasonal retail sales business for fireworks and snow cones. The property is located at 5155 Doise Rd. in Elton.

Elton Police Chief Bruce Lemelle, who lives just west of the property, said he does not support a mobile home park coming into his neighborhood.

“It ends up being a different type of person who comes in there and the crime rate is tremendous,” he said. “We have a good neighborhood where it is safe and everybody knows everybody.”

Resident Kurt Gobel said he felt that adding a mobile home park to his neighborhood could negatively affect property values.

“Houses are fine, but I would rather not see a trailer park go in there,” he said. “I feel like it would devalue the property.”

Another resident, Reagan Lemoine, said she has children and she fears that a mobile home park would bring in drugs and crime.

Russell Stinson said he felt a mobile home park would disturb the tranquility of the neighborhood.

“This is a quiet community and a trailer park would disturb that,” he said. “They are not going to monitor who comes in and out of there.”

The police jurors asked Reynard several questions including if there would be any stipulations on how old a trailer can be, as well as how he plans to provide sewer services to the park.

Reynard initially said he planned to hook up to the city sewer system, however police jury attorney David Bruchhaus said this would not be possible.

“You must put in a commercial sewer plant which could cost several hundred-thousand dollars,” he said. “You will need to contact the state about that.”

Reynard said his plans include a private asphalt road going into the park which will consist of 12-14 mobile homes, as well as an area with benches under trees.

Houses are fine, but I would rather not see a trailer park go in there. I feel like it would devalue the property.”
– Resident Kurt Gobel

“We are going to have a nice clean park and a security trailer with multiple purposes,” he said. “We will also seasonally sell fireworks and snow cones if possible. We are also going to hire a property management company and will be monitoring everyone coming into the park.”

Police Juror Curt Guillory made a motion to postpone the matter for two weeks so that these questions could be answered.