Silly idea

LAES teacher finds fun way to keep kids focused

Third grade students at Lake Arthur Elementary School enjoyed a silly string war as a reward for working hard on their end of the semester exams.

Every seasoned teacher knows that it’s hard to keep kids focused and on track in the classroom once spring arrives. With everyone counting down to summer break, teacher have to dig deep into their box of tricks to come up with creative ideas to keep the kids learning and achieving goals.

Third grade English and Language Arts (ELA) teacher at Lake Arthur Elementary School (LAES), Allie Breaux, is facing this struggle in her classroom. With end of semester exams on the agenda in her classroom, Breaux came up with a cheap and easy incentive to get the students to do their best.

“This time of year Spring fever starts to kick in and everyone is tired and ready for summer,” said Breaux. “I tried to find a fun way to get students motivated to stay on track on their end of the semester exams. The students who tried their hardest and did their best work earned the reward.”

Students who met the requirements needed to earn the reward were treated to an afternoon of silly sting fun. The students were allowed to have a silly string war with others who earned the reward. This moment of free time allowed the students to relax and reap the benefits of hard work in a fun way.

There were students in both sections of Breaux’s ELA class who earned the reward. Those students include, Emily Maples, Vylet Touchette, Jenna Broussard, Morgan Broussard, Brandon Gloston, Jacob Kershaw, Brock Onellion, Wyatt Monceaux, Nadelyn Hibbits, Alayna Schexnider, Alayna Landry, Nevaeh Miller, Kynli Newson, Landon Lebleu, Emery Leger, Armanie McDaniel, Caylee Conner, Braylon David, Gabriel Turner, Brayden Thibodeaux, Alliahnna Harrington, Aiden Conner, Peyton Abshire, Austin Abshire, Elizabeth Hodges, Brylee Gaspard, Chloe Conner, Alivia Hornsby, and Gabriella Falls.