Town continues work on isolated water issues

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

WELSH - Though most issues regarding water discoloration have been addressed here, there are still isolated cases of residents experiencing the problem.

“We’ve got the new tanks filter system updated,” said mayor Carolyn Louviere. “The water in the new tanks is clear, it’s just a matter of getting everything to the people and getting their water cleared. There are still areas, however, that have brown water, so we’re still flushing individual systems and getting in touch with LA Rural Water every time we hear of one of these cases.”

“Even with some houses side by side, one will be clear and another will be brown.

Louviere said for an unknown reason, some areas seem to be worse than others.

“Even with some houses side by side, one will be clear and another will be brown. So it’s just, at this point, an issue of taking cases as they come and clearing them up,” she said.

Louviere said the town’s response time is quick when they hear of these cases.

“If we get a call from someone, town workers will go right to their locations, even if it’s pretty early,” she said. “I had one call this morning and the superintendent was heading directly over to flush and fix the issue.”

She added that she can’t be sure when the issue will be completely fixed.

“Those that aren’t having problems are happy now, but with those that are having problems, I can’t help but feel for them,” she said. “They’ve seen this before in other towns where it’s gone one for a long time.”