Write a letter to the editor

Jennings Daily News would like to know your opinions on the issues we report or happenings within the parish and state, which is why we offer a “Letters to the Editor” space in most of our Sunday editions.

The guidelines for writing a Letter to the Editor are simple. All letters must be signed and include the writer’s address and telephone number for verification. Letters should address community, state or national issues and events, not personal vendettas against individuals or businesses (though sharing opinions as a voter regarding an elected official are permitted, if those opinions do not express a threat or inappropriate language). Furthermore, the JDN reserves the right to edit and/or deny publication of any letter, though this typically only happens if guidelines are ignored.

Because these guidelines are clearly published in our newspaper and on our www.jenningsdailynews.net site, if a letter is submitted to us and does not violate the guidelines, it is typically published. This does not mean that any or every employee of the JDN agrees with a letter writer’s opinions. It also does not mean that, as a newspaper, we agree with a letter writer’s opinions. It does mean, however, that we are standing by our guidelines in order to allow people to speak to the community.

Every person in this community and all of our readers, including those who read our online editions, have the opportunity to share their views as long as they adhere to the guidelines. But you can only share your opinion with us if you take the time to write then mail, fax or email a letter. It’s true, you might not see your letter published for a week or two due to letters received prior to yours and space allotment. We do, however, want to give every person the chance to share.

You can email all Letters to the Editor to editor@jenningsdailynews.net or mail them to 238 North Market Street, Jennings, LA, 70546.