Ceremony highlights gymnasium revamp, Juneau’s signature included in design
Kevin Bruchhaus
Sunday, September 2, 2018

LACASSINE – After completing its renovations at the high school here that included the addition of multiple classrooms, offices and an enlarged cafeteria, among other things, the school broke out a surprise Wednesday night.

The court surface at John Juneau Gymnasium received a total facelift over the past few weeks and now features Juneau’s original signature on both sides of the playing surface. The school was able to find one of Juneau’s old signature stamps from his time in the school system, and had it superimposed onto both the east and west sides of the newly refurbished floor.

A packed house attended the unveiling Wednesday evening. Boys Head Basketball Coach Micah Rasberry said he was thrilled with the court’s renovation, along with the community outreach that was involved in the ceremony.

“I like the final product a lot and can’t stop looking at it. We and can’t stop looking at it. We tried to create something that would be classic and timeless, reminiscent of our rich basketball history,” said Rasberry. “I think Jeremy (Hollier) and I counted over 30-Top 28 appearances for both boys and girls. At the same time, we wanted something fresh that points to the bright outlook and expectations for our future. This is the center of our community and it is evident how many people love, support us and our students in anything we set out for.”

After the court was unveiled, past alumni basketball players were introduced and honored before the crowd and honored for their presence. Quite a few had the honor of playing for Juneau in his dominant run of coaching that saw him win multiple state championships at the school. Following the presentation of the alumni players, both Rasberry and girls Head Basketball Coach Jeremy Hollier introduced their 2018-19 basketball squads for the upcoming season. Hollier re-iterated Rasberry’s thoughts on the playing surface itself, and discussed the top-notch facility both the high school and junior high teams will be able have the luxury of playing on.

“We certainly take pride in our facilities and are grateful for the support we receive,” Hollier added. “I’m proud to be a part of this school and community that is always working to be the best in the classroom and on the court.”

When both coaches discussed the importance Juneau played in both the success in building basketball and education in Lacassine, the signature of the legendary Hall of Fame coach on the floor was a primary topic.

“Coach Juneau’s signature on the court is the most important feature of the new design. We were thrilled to hear it was possible once it was determined that the company could apply it to the layout,” said Hollier. “Coach Juneau is Lacassine. His influence is still here today, and we wanted to honor his tradition and history of success, so he had to be a part of the new court.”

“To have Coach Juneau’s actual signature visibly present completes the floor. It allows for students who perhaps never met Coach Juneau to share a part in the legacy he left for them,” said Rasberry. “It is humbling knowing the profound impact he had on our school and beyond. As a young coach, he’s an inspiration to me and for many others, and our hope is that he can now watch down on that his inspiration will live on.”

“Coach Juneau wasn’t just a a model coach, he was a model leader and example for everyone of what it means to commit to your community,” finished Rasberry. “His time here is still undoubtedly felt today through the obvious showing of love and respect for our basketball programs.”