LAPD, JDSO talk gun safety with students

The Lake Arthur Police Department and the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office conducted a presentation for the students of Lake Arthur Elementary School about the importance of gun safety.

The topic of guns in homes and being brought to schools is one that is being talked about more and more around the United States and also the world. Recent events have brought tragedy to cities around the world and is making this a hot topic.

New Lake Arthur Police Chief, Kobi Turner, decided to make and effort to speak to the youth of Lake Arthur and educate them about gun safety as well as consequences of bringing a gun to school.

Chief Turner enlisted the help of the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office (JDPSO). Bill Kettler, Commander of Special Operations with JDPSO jumped on board and together the two planned the educational event that took place at Lake Arthur Elementary School on Monday, March 12.

“All the attention recently with threats and reports of guns, we are just trying to reach kids to encourage them to make good choices when it comes to guns,” said Commander Kettler. “We want to help them understand that threats are not a game or joke.”

The officers encouraged the students the importance of reporting any behavior that is not right or that doesn’t follow the rules. “We want to make sure students know that they should always tell an adult if there is a problem, but we want to make sure that it is clear that they need to be honest when doing so. Making up any type of problem as a joke can get someone in a lot of trouble and get themselves in trouble as well,” said Kettler.

During the assembly, they also talked to the students about gun safety. They educated the students on what to do if they find a gun or if they think a toy gun may be real. With toy guns and pellet guns looking identical to real weapons these days the officers think it is very important to help the students know basic gun safety rules and also the importance of the students asking their parents if there are any guns in their own home and if they are locked up properly.

One other topic that the officers touched on during their time with the students was the importance of a good relationship the youth can have with police officers. “We want to reassure the students the importance of feeling that they can talk to officers,” said Kettler. “We want them to know they can build a relationship with the officers at their schools as well as all officers”

“With school shootings being a more common thing I feel that letting kids know the importance of gun safety and the danger of guns in the hands of someone untrained is crucial,” said Chief Turner.