Students earn an ice cream reward for reading

Students in Johnette Rogers’ class were treated to ice cream for reaching their class goal in AR points.

A cool treat is a great reward for any reason but when its for reaching a goal in the classroom its even sweeter. The second grade students in Johnette Rogers’ classroom at Lake Arthur Elementary School (LAES) learned that hard work pays off, and sometimes it pays with ice cream.

The students set an Accelerated Reader (AR) points goal at the beginning of the school year and they recently met that goal. The AR program encourages students to read books set for their level. Once the book is completed, the student can then take a quiz on what they read. The student earns point for the correct answers they give on the quiz and the more they read, the more quizzes they take and the more points they earn.

The students in Rogers’ classroom set a classroom goal of 1000 AR points. They reached that goal recently and were rewarded for that accomplishment. Their teachers took them on a trip to the local ice cream shop and they enjoyed an afternoon of ice cream treats for all of their hard work.